maanantai 11. maaliskuuta 2013

Getting there

I havent write so much lately, but i had a great reason: sun! Really, after long dark time of winter, finally there were sun!! Long lost friend and i spend time in outdoors, skiing, walking with dogs and taking photos ;)Fun!!!

Also, i took it kind of my time to see inside of me. And people around me. I noticed, that there is one human, that wants to make me feel bad. Covered with compliments. Sad thing is that he/she is my related.

I thought that for a that some kind of permission to make you feel bad, just because is relative?
I came only one conclusion: no.

No one has that permission. No.. I have also thought my mother, she passed away in-91, cancer. I took care for her till last breath, with my dad.
She was awesome woman!!! I havent talked about her so, it was too painfull..but now i want to tell something.

She was very strong woman, she said to me..when i was young: dont let no one kick you in head. And that she told in her last hospital bed.

She knew, that when i was young, i was too kind. And some might take advantage of that. I remember that forever, i think.

And she was right. I had to raise some balls.

Now, i have those..not literally!!! :) But, i know..i´m stonger. Because i can make this decision to take my distance from this person.

I dont allow no one take me down anymore. And by that i dont mean that i´m gonna be mean or so! No, I dont want to hurt no one, eighter! Just taking my own space, own life and continue it like i want.

Keep on loving and living. Smiling, too :)

with love

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  1. Very good Maarit... keep expecting the best and t will happen :)


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