lauantai 30. maaliskuuta 2013

confused about life

Ok, i go there, do this and that´s that. No? Destiny, are you serious? All that work..but...ok. I go in that direction. Walk on by...oh, seems so nice! Thanks Destiny :) oh, you dont mean that...wrong way?? No way! You must be kidding...oh well...i trust i go again!!! Left or right? Use your instinct!! What instinct!!!!! Thank for nothing...oh, i´m on my way??? Yes, thanks.but...?

That is the talk, that i have used Seems, that Destiny is having fun with me? :) or i´m hitting my head in some walls and dont just undestand signs..Some things, what i thought is mine to do...well..are not. Then i asked, what is? And found myself in some weard place of life...

Yes, i like when life goes forward (and it goes, one way or another). Just sometimes...i feel like i´m in the middle of hurricane named Destiny and some old things are..old and so much new is coming. Somethings that i couldnt even dream about. Those total surprises are the best but also wearing thngs!

I have whole work to keep my mind up to date. Alice in Wonderland, that who i am. In a good way!!! Really, i´m enjoying this ride with Destiny...just a little tired sometimes ;)

I really love life. More than ever. Love up´s and down´s. Love to love. Love me!!!! That´s a good start, yes? One thing i know, you neve know about future...but just enjoy the ride..sometime you will think back and laught ;) Belive do!

Time for some coffee, and out out! Spring time!!! Not so sunny, but thats ok. :) Mother nature is beatyful anyway.

with love

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  1. I wish I loved my life like that... again... hopefully I will feel that way again ...

    1. I´m sure you will...some day, you will...Hug!


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