lauantai 16. maaliskuuta 2013

About Mother Earth

Awesome woman! :) I love to spend my time in nature, taking pictures, really calms me down. Even thought here is snow and cold, but how beautiful!

Few hours ago i took my camera and went to back yard. Just stood still. Listening. First i heard some birds singing..then i heard a rabbit...jumping around snowfield.. so funny.

Then i just enjoyed to stand there, under the clear sky, as sun was shining to my face... and those birds, came closer all the tie, didnt afraid anymore.

Oh well, they were hungry, too... their feedingplace is in that tree, what was next to me where i stood...Great motivator, food ;) works for mee, too.

Wanted to take some pictures about them, but...then i just let those small things eat in peace..

Here´s few pictures about today. Snow, snow and snow, yep. But it´s all about mother nature! So, here:


And dinner ;)))
with love

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  1. I love Mother Earth and all the beauty she offers... we all should enjoy it just a little more than we do, we have been blessed :)


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