lauantai 23. helmikuuta 2013

why do i love blogging

Why? This is easy. It gives me so much. First, when i started..i didn´t knew anything about blogging. Not a single thing. I just knew, that i was writings in some form.
Then i found bloggers. Free? Ok, great! Let´s try.. opened page and started to wonder what on earth to write??

That was a tought one. How to write and to whom? What do i have to say and who really cares what i write?

First try..nothing. But that writing-part was fun at the beginnig! I desided to be me, write what i think. Sort of like diary.

And here i am!!! I have found such a amazing world, amazing people around this world!! So dear to me :)

I can say, that this has opened more my life and what i shared here..more than i have told people around me.

Now, i have 3 blogs, all so different. One is lifestyle, just fun to be woman, one is pure panic disorderthing and this, my first baby ;)

This has given me work, too!!!! That writing to fashionhouse.. So, i can say, this blogging has given me more than i ever dreamed. Love, work, passion, friends..and to read others blogs! To be near others, comment or just be near..

All the hard work (writing IS hard work ;) is worth this. And for love of writing..i cant imagine me doing nothing else.

So, that´s why i love blogging. Cause i love writing. :)

This one is all bloggers out there!

With Love


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  1. Im so glad you do would you love doing! I am happy reading YOU! Hugs Anna Karin

    1. Anna Karin, thank you!!!:) And i'm happy to read you too ;) Hugs so much!

    2. Anna Karin, thank you!!!:) And i'm happy to read you too ;) Hugs so much!

  2. I always enjoy the little insights you give Maarit... I write to give myself a voice... one I almost lost when I was with my ex. :)

    1. Launna, i love to read your blog. I'm so happy that you had your voice back! I know that it wasn't easy way.. :) now...much better!!


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