torstai 14. helmikuuta 2013

thoughts about Valentine´s

So, it is Valentine´s day today, beautiful! Althought i belive, that every day is friend´s day. But still, today love is in the air in so many places, so many countries.. many  propose today, cute cakes are in tables.. red and pink..

I started to think what would be my dream Valentine.
Old, wooden chair, my love next to me..nature..atmosphere is telling that love is in the air..hand in hand..looking each´s all I need.
No diamand rings, no roses..ok, maybe chocolate, but hey, that goes with all situations, right?

No need to fuzz, no need to take any pressure. Being together is greatest gift of all!!

One thing, that sort of like belongs my everyday blessing, both dogs ofcouse, but specially older, Veikko. He came for me from such poor place, he was treaded so bad. He was so skinny, so nervous, when he came. Poor thing!!!

We worked together to build this trust, and now he knows that he dont have to worry about anything. And i know, he will protect me, no matter what. He sleeps with me (as my younger one too ;) and cat.., ok, they all!) He is balanced, healthy and happy. And i´m so happy about that.

Yep, there´s Veikko <3
This rose is for all of you!!! You are worth it, always!!
Happy Valentine´s
with love

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  1. Maarit... I have missed you... I can only comment once but I will read all your blogs... I just need to get caught up after being in the hospital for 13 days... so happy to be home:)

    1. Launna, missed you too!! Nice to have you back, safe and sound!!! And soo happy, that you are in home now.. i followed thru fb, and was so happy, when you said, all ok :)) Wellcome back my friend!!


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