keskiviikko 6. helmikuuta 2013

so much better

I´m sorry, but now i have to open up a little. I usually am positive and not so easy to irritate. But some people has that skill. Really!!

There are few things, that i cant stand. One is "I´m better that you-style" Or, "we are so good, that we dont need those" "I do that this way, so should you"
Generally  comparing my life to someone elses. You and me, we live like we want, no one can say otherwise.

Where did this came from? One phonecall, with one relative. I know, i have made mistakes. I know, i´m no angel. But: My life, my rules. Curiosity, not good. Woh, i live my life like ment to be in me, not like someone else tells me to. I do what i look is good for me, not what is good for someone else. Cause my things could be bad for them. Long live the difference!

Woh, really..sorry about this..just had to let that out. I think we all have these experience? Someone near to treat you like you are less that normal, because you dont do "normal" work, or live like is appropriate for someone elses you know, what i mean? Again hard to explain..

Ok, time to look something positive.. ;) I´m strong enought to stand for that, what i belive is right.

Always, belive in you, your dreams and dont let no one to kick you down!! I can assure, it´s worth it!!!!! Maybe some hard work is in order and different opinions, but belive in you my friend. You know, who you are, what you need and what´s good for you. Be brave, never give up!

with love

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