torstai 28. helmikuuta 2013

So it goes

Life. Sometimes it goes just the opposite that we want. Showing some other plans. And yep, usually better!! Something, that you havent even deared to dream.

I have noticed in my life lately, that so many didnt go the way i wanted..things went better! Acceptin all that this life has to offer, i have moved on so much! Really, i thought that (and i know, i have said this earlier, but it´s true) there´s things that i cant achieve.

Work, you guys, love, dreams..i have so much to be grateful.

I´m guite tired, was sooo busy day. But i wanted to tell you this, and thank oll of you. To thank life.

with love

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  1. Being thankful and grateful can only be good for us:) Sweet post Maarit

    1. Thank you Launna, thankfullness is sometimes just so forgotten!! :)


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