maanantai 11. helmikuuta 2013

old dog ;)

Somehow I feel like old dog..who can learn new things, too! Woh, i do enjoy to be in my age! And all that fuzz..(mostly) gone! More time for relax, take life day by day..

Time to look life as it is, no need to rush for tomorrow! More self-confidence, power to say yes OR no. No need to show off...list goes on and on!!
Hope i can share that feeling, and also have power to understand younger more.

Now, in in fever, not such a great patience ;) but fever has decided that i need my sleep, so i dont mind. Maybe small break was in order?

I have been a bit busy..ok...guite busy. And i´m loving it! Self-made busybess, cuz i accept it. Not because i need to, because i want. There´s a big difference!

I really try to write something wise, but not gonna happend now..too much fever, i think. So, i´m just gonna do some small talk, talking about things, generally, ok?

I´m sitting in sofa, just watched 3rd movie..cup of coffee, missing chocolate! My dogs are near, is in next sofa..also sleeping. Soon i think that it´s time to go sleep, hope that fever is gone tomorrow. Oh jeah, it´s raining snow! Again, 3rd day now... ;D kind of waiting spring to come..
Oh well, snow is good. And hey, now is starting one great movie! Maybe..little bread, tee and under covers. Yep, that´s it!!

Yep, love coffee ;)
With love

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