perjantai 8. helmikuuta 2013

Love, that I deserve

I have felt alone for so long
Longer than i can remember
Love, lost word
Love, lost concept
All of my own
feeling strong, but down
Didn´t know better
didn´t saw change
Then, i felt wind in my face
warm and safe
and so much more
Well, so i feel, after so long. I have been looking my life and have to say: I´m strong! Really, after all I have been throught.. In some point i didn´t belived, that i´m gonna make it. 10 years ago I was sure that my life is done, i have nothing to offer..or nothing´s gonna touch me, my heart.
I gave up, for a while.
Now, after i came ungry with me and stood up in my own...i´m living my dream. After hard work, i have chance to do so much in my life, to do what i love. Something, that i know is my path. Have always known. Can i say, i´m proud of myself? I dont mean that like that, that i´m better or so! No, i mean..i beat myself! My fears and won.
Still a bit hard to belive ;) But: without those lessons in my life..i dont know, would i be me? I mean, now i feel like i have learned few important lessons of life. Without those..would i be me, what I am now? Therefor, i am and always be grateful for ALL, that has happend to me.
Understanding life, other..that is something that money cant buy. By this i think i want to say: never ever give up!!! Ok, i said it before..and say it now, too! It´s important, really. hen there´s life, there´s possibilities. Trust me, I KNOW! :)
with love

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