tiistai 26. helmikuuta 2013

learing to listen

It´s so easy to talk about me, myself and I. It is! When one has worries, telling for other is so much easyer.
And i´m happy to listen, IF i´m ok myself. This could sound so selfish, i know. But one thing i have learned; dont overwhelm yourself with things you dont have energy at the moment.

I use to be there for other, all the time and just give all i had. Result was usually that, i ended up been alone, tired and without help.

Now, that´s not fair! I mean, of course i want to help. From the bottom of my heart! And i dont expect returns. But..if it goes like that, i´m there when needed, only. Hmm...then i´m not gonna be there.

So, listening is so valuable skill! Listen, if someone feels good to listen..maybe she/he has problems her/himself? And already tired. So adding problems is not good...

And hey, of course, if someone has so bad feeling that she/he cant do nothing but drown, i´ll be there, i dont mean that!!

Generally, i mean. I have this habbit (I´m  not perfect, but i try to listen!;)) i ask, how are you. Simple guestion. Before i "pour" my problems..with close friends it goes like that, pouring ;)) and my close ones knows, that i have my owns things, and i know they have theirs! So, respecting both ways is great.

I dont write so logically now, sorry about that! My eyes are hurting for looking too long computer..hope you got my point??

with love

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