lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2013

lazy day..sort of

Again, one photo can say more than 1000words. So, many thousand words coming up ;)

That´s my saturday in a nutshell. Relaxing and eating. Not bad!

Oh yeah, have to tell you..secret, ok? I have given a change of the lifetime!!!!! Really, what i have dreamed of all my life...I wont tell all now, cuz i´m a bit superstitious, but in next week i´m gonna meet one superwoman from fashion. And...i...have my change to start to write inside storys..and see more fashionshows..But now shhhh....will tell you more after Tuesday, ok??

One thing i can tell you : I´M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Have a awesome day
with love
and once again..XOXOXO ;) think you understand

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