sunnuntai 17. helmikuuta 2013

about understanding

I think, that i´m kind of understanding person. Mostly. And I´m learning it all the time. But sometimes i find myself  thinking: how can she/he complain about so small thing? But!!! For that, who complains, it is real and big deal.
Even thought i have gone so much, i cant underestimate anyones sorrow. Even how small for me it seems.
We all have our own path to grow, and mine isn´t better than others. Just mine, and someone else´s is her/his.
I belive, that we all have our own certain things to learn from life.

This is so great about life: never ready, never wise enought. Learner through life. Think, how big burden it would be to know it all? All there´s nothing to learn anymore...that would be boring.

I´m so happy, to learn this thing called life, every day. The way I act, how i feel about something, learning to change my mind, to see things in bigger picture..
Interaction with me and this world around me. To see, that I still have challenges, have feelings, deep ones, capacity to learn..such a richness!!

I dont complain so much, i dont. I´m positive, mostly. For someone that is annoying and for someone it´s pleasure.
But, so it goes, we all are in same line and learning our way.

That difference between us is the salt of life, too! If we all would be same..oh, well! Not so fun anymore!!!!

With love


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  1. It is difficult to understand some people's behavior... but you are right Maarit... we cannot judge their path... we all are on our own path...:-)

    1. i agree, sometimes it is harder ;) trying is the best we can do...

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Than you Anna Karin!!! :) Much love for you too!!! Maarit


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