tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013

hi and i´m back ;)

Today has been so great! And i do mean, great! I had a meeting in this fashion house where i have been since 1994. I do love that  world, and i have to admit...I love camera ;D

But now it´s not about photos for me. It´s more!!! Something i have been dreaming since i was a little girl: i have a chance to write about that! Everything that goes on in that house. Yep, there´s gonna be blog, and i´m one of those, who write there. So, i can go (and belive me, i will) different happenings, shows etc.
I can use my cool clothes!!! ;D

Owner of that place, is so pro. She´s amazing woman!!! Really, i do respect her, not because she´s famos. No, I respect her because in person she is awesome.

More about that, when things go on and something´s ready. Will tell you more, and show some cool stuff ;))

But, one thing is sure: Smile, good heart and great attitude...those are simply best, what you can have.
And love.

Those are guidelines of my life.

With love

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