tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2013

Feeling funny

Melancholic, kind of..little tired, sensitive..still happy, warm, safe. For those feelings I know, that there´s some change around some corner. Few things are gone so nicely forward, that change is necessary.

I have read from somewhere, dont remember now where, that we react with our feelings to future. Changes. Even that change is good, it makes us nervous. That i do know, cause new is always exciting, and means new ways to deal/do things.

And by that..it could be scary! To let go from old and in with new. Even thought it´s something good, like I mentioned, makes one feel, for a while, anxious.

For me that is just so. And i do know, in professionally i have soooo much new to come. Things, that i have always dreamed of.

At the same time...a bit fearful.. :)

So, funny but good feeling!!! And you know what?? I might have a chance to travel soon...shh...dont wanna talk about that, not yet ;) will tell you later!!!

And i have a hairdresser coming soon... so happy about that. As a woman, it´s my luxtime!

So, to the future we go!!!!!!! Still, living in this very moment.

with love
xoxox ;)

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  1. I know what you mean Maarit... that scary feeling that ends up being an amazing change... just so scary to take the leap but so worth it:)

    1. That is just so true, Launna :) now kind of waiting..having butterflys :)


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