keskiviikko 16. tammikuuta 2013

young again?

I saw yesterday this great, sad and funny movie: never been kissed. Drew Barrymore was 25years journalists, who got her first story. She had to play 17years again and go high school, again.

During that movie, i started to think..what if i could go school again, now, in this time?? OMG!
First thing...clothes. What to wear if i needed to be cool and fit in? I mean, it is soo thin line in that world when you are out.

Imagine, first day.. you think that you have cool things and you end up to being "granny"? :D And hair, not so simle.. How to put those..not the way i put those now, tha´s for sure!

And that bag...that, my friends have to be good! These things i learned from my sis, who just few years ago was in high scool.

Then, going in that shcool.How to act? How to talk? I think that i probably would get -weird label.- during first day.. :DD But in thougts, funny to think this.

And serious too! How hard is to be teenager! iI was when i was young, and these days..same things. How to look, how to act, who to be, where to belong.
Sometimes i can see that going on olders, too.

I´m so glad that i´m done with my schools and no pressure from there. I have to give all of my respect for all, who are in that world. Aint easy and i have heard, that days are so much longer, lessons are tougher and there really is so much work.

Back in 80´s few things were so much easyer. I wasn´t too much in school. I went there with my eat. Really. I was workin when i was 14years, not possible these days. I guit school before i finished it (ok, i went back, 10 years ago and got out of school ;D)

Teachers had more power to keep us in order. Child protection wasn´t there, and just sometime´s it should have.

It was different that these days, some point. Some are same issues and something´s new. But that´s how it suppose to be. In these days..i have to say, i wouldn´t go back..being teenager all over again. No, im ok to be this old as i am. ;)

But i try to remember, how it was when i was young, so i can try to understand a little better...

Those pics are from that amazing movie..and in 80´s :DD really, that was my style then ;)

                                                         Yep, that´s me ;D

With love

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