tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

who i am

This is me thinking me as a human. I thought, if i just write, i will make sense to me. Throught writing is so much easyer learn from yourself.

I will not think  what i write, i will write as i feel, so there´s gonna be things..not in order, thingst that make no sense at all ;) But i can sure you, this is me! I have done this previously  also, but time to update...

  • I cant nag. Seriously, i cant. I dont know, how to do that.
  • I cant  crochet or knit, but i can change oil to my car.
  • I love to dress up.
  • love to do nails
  • love to roll over in mud/snow or both
  • srong and independent
  • weak with feelings
  • poor housewife
  • better with caring
  • hate dishes, but do those
  • love to cook
  • hate to clean up after ;)
  • protect my closeone like a wolf
  • have my days, when i dont answer at phone. Cuz its my right.
  • Laught at myself is easy
  • love to drive, fast
  • need to have gas in my car, always
  • love animals
  • love riding
  • sometimse too on guard with my heart
  • i dont judge, and i dont take that from others
  • i´m stubborn with few things, mabe too much so sometimes
  • i give space, and i want my own, too
  • what i do, i do it from my heart
  • thats why its easy to broke, sometimes
  • im not so systematic
  • im always early in appointments, if im not, i have a good reason
  • i am dreamer
  • love music
  • i still wanna be truckdriver..and makeup artist..well, i´m one of those anyway ;)
  • sometimes i dont think, i just do..or say..my humor is kind of... two minds
  • and i can use it in wrong places
  • i fell of in my ass and laught to myself..
  • still i´m thought enough for this life, i wont fall
  • and if i do, i will raise
  • love good stake
  • love books and old stuff
  • i´m better with mans than womans world
  • lonely wolf, still sosial
Ok, i dont read that now, later... hope there´s something good.. ;)

With love

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