sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2013

while driving

When you drive, you are a wake. (I hope!) Or just walking in traffic. I mean, you are in that moment, you notice things around you.You see, what others are doing and you react. You live that moment, you are awake.

Why i compare driving and thing called being awake?? Because, there you have to be awake for life, but when you can slip away and start to live yesterday or tomorrow again. Do you know what i mean?

Being here and way to live. I have to admit that lately my mind has wondered so, and i have lived tomorrow too much. Today i started to clean and my thoughts were so far away. Then i just made a big mess by not paying any attention, what i was doing. More work for me.

So, i started over, and i was in that moment, really thinking what i eas doing. Actually, that was fun. Cleaning. When i realized, that this is my lie, right here, right now. That dosent mean that i have to give up my dreaming, no no...i can do both. I just dont wanna miss any moment of my life by not living it. Imagine, after few secs..this minute is history. We are really making history all the time!! I dont want my history be bitter, or meanless. I wanna be here and now, so i can create great history. And future?? It´s there, all the time. No matter what i do. If i do something stubid, i front that in my future. And chose was all mine.

Yep, belive me i know, theres things when you cant choose. Or act well enought. Those are different storys in reality. It´s too easy to say, that when something bad happens...just let it go. Not so easy, cuz we have this thing called feelings. That is good, that we feel!!!
Learning to handle situations the way you want is big job. But by practise..well, who knows..little easyer life for you... :)

Hope you got my point? ;)) Woh, so awesome subject, but definetly not easy!

I wanted to put few more pics here, but...this photothing dosent work... :( have to fix it, somehow.

with love

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  1. I know what you mean Maarit, I have lived in the past for far too long and I constantly have dreamed for the future.... living in the present is the only way to live a happy life ;)


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