maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

travelling light

Yep, i can´t do that. If you can, congratulations!!! I´m a bit jealous for you then ;).

Good example is when i travelled to Arizona. My defenses is that i was staying longer time, so i really needed..all my shoes. really.
So, In Helsinki-Vantaa i went. With 3 big suitcase. And one hand bag, also one bag to take in cabin. I took this huge trolleys and put those 3 big bags in those..oh well...not good. One was falling al the time. Me, my bags went to check in. This lady front of desk...she had so good time with me.
And my bags. But, she totally understand me ;))

Of course you take what ever you can, cuz you dont know, what you gonna need! Right?

I was so swetty after check in and security check, belive me.  I flew with Finnair, first change was in New York. From there i was suppouse took this smaller plain to Houston, and from there to Tucson.

Problem was, that there was this huge wind, so that first flight was already so late, when we came to NY.
Without that, i could had 1h45min to get my next fligh.

First, i run to that entryplace, where they check passport and stuff. I was wearing my high heels, smart. Huge line! TG they gave me this yellow passport with sign: express. Ok, next bags...omg. I hade to take those and put again in next plain.
I run like a crazy, and took my 3..small..bags in trolleys. that one bag continued to fall of. Fuck!!! And time goes... thakfully there were few gentleman to help me. I think that i looked so crazy, that they didnt want me to embarrassed myself any more :D

Ok, bags are in line to go in next plain. RUN!! Security check!!! What a line..woh!! I askes one lady to help me, From Finnair desk. She was from Finland and so nice.
So, i run in correct line, expresline. Shoes off, bags in line, shoes on and ruuuun!!! That airport is HUGE!!!!

One teenager shouted me: run Forrest, run! Me: I´m running!!! Then i came in that gate....oh, you just missed that plain... #¤?##!!!

My legs were hurting, i was hungry, thirsty and pissed off. What next?? I mean, there was connecting flights gone, too!

I dragged myself back in that point, were were security check.
Almost crying, and that didnt help that i couldnt sleep during my flight rfrom Helsinki to NY. And high choise.

I saw that same lady, who helped me at the first time, she was a life savior!!!! She book me in this cool hotel, took care of my flights and gave me ticket, that i could use in restorante , in that awesome hotel ;)

Also, limousine in next morning, in airport was in order. So...i went this hotel with limo. My!!!!!! Huge bed, coffee maker, bath!!! I ate big NY steak, took a long bath and that huge was a heaven!!!

One man wanted to marry me! :DDD Well, i didnt and he was so nice. Older and so funny. From there  I was able to go in AZ with peace and relaxed.

So, turned out to be good to be late.....

Lesson: always..good to be dressed up ;))
Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Jfk Airport Jamaica, Ny - Lobby

Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Jfk Airport Jamaica, Ny - King Bed

Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Jfk Airport Jamaica, Ny - Grand Ballroom

Thank you New York <3 and DoubleTree.

With love

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  1. Omg Maarit, I apologize but this was hilarious, I am sure it wasn't at the time but so funny after the fact. I am so glad you were able to stay at that beautiful hotel :)

  2. :)) during my wasn´t funny at all :D now i really can lauhgt.. actually i did that in that sweet hotel..i was thinking, that the have cameras elso did have a good time, too :D That hotel was so nice after all crazyness!


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