keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013

snowstorm and you

Looking out of the window
There´s wind and snow
I guess i can call it storm
My heart desires
to feel that mother nature´s power
snow in my cheek
wind in my breath
Just one look
just one thought
And you make me allright
I smile
As i face that party
of mother natures
You hold my hand
I know i can
Off to woods i find my way
Maybe a  bit lost
but that´s ok
You are there with me
That´s all I know
All I need
In the night you cover me with sheets
I think it´s safe to say
Love is here to stay
With love

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  1. I believe in those two quotes at the Maarit... sometimes it's hard but when you have found your soul mate, you just know...


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