torstai 10. tammikuuta 2013

right to feel

I had this discussion with one of my relative. I told her, what has happend and who i met. Dont get me wrong, i do appreciate all that she has done for me.

But, no one can tell you how you should react to something, or how you must feel. If someone says to me. i did/do it like that, so you should...well...that makes so feel aso ungry.

When i was down, i learned to hate that phrase. And when i was down, it was so easy to "guide" me.

Now i can see how strong i am, cuz i really told, that no one cant make me feel otherwise than i really feel.

And if i´m not interesind to hear from somebody..i dont have to ask, not my business anyway.

Do you know, what i mean? This world is full of people, who knows you well..But never enought to tell you what you should do, think or feel.

Woh, sorry, just had to take this out and put on the table!!!

Next thing, i think that i´m gonna do makeups again! I´m practicing to do nails now and belive me: i have my facebook full of pics..of my nails :D

I have missed that, and now i belive that i will have some time for that. Sometimes. It´s just something that need to update, because when i was at school for make up artists..year was 1987. Yes, i did that that job for long time, but all you need is a short pause, and you are out of that development.

Oh well, i have sooo much energy right thing is for sure: i cant go on my day well, if i dont spend some time ouside. Need that fresh air so, and something to do with physical. If i sit and write..i come nervous and tense..

So..time to go out, maybe some small running.

;DDD practice makes perfect, right???

With love

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  1. Your nails look so cute Maarit... :)

    You are right, no one has the right to tell you how to feel and what to say!!!

    1. Thank you Launna :))
      I belive in freedom of mind, no one cant control another human...


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