tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2013

no more, no less

Than life. One thing is sure: we live here, now. So, if i start to be afraid, what might happend tomorrow, i will skip this moment to experience something good. Or bad. That dosent matter to me, all i want is to feel.

Seize the Day, they say... that´s something that s so easy to say. Not so easy, always, to do. I was once like that, i took any chance i got. Then, sickness.

Now? Middle of that road again.
Each and every morning i´m trying to remind myself, i´m lucky.
It could always be some other path, that i could choose.

Those stones, rocks in my life..those had a bigger meaning. This is life: no more, no less.
So, if  I screw up, that dosent mean that i´m less good. If i do something right, i´m not more better than you. Allow youself to be free from thinking in box, allow youself to human. Allow youself be good!!

We all have our own battles, lifes, worrys..and joys. That´s the beauty of us, all of us.
Why i think this now? I was having such a great time today with friend. Talking. And by that, i did something i havent done in loooong time: i told things about me, too. Liberating, i have to say.

Here, with you all it´s have been easy, but...somehow..well, e.g. in facebook even my oldest friends dont know about my blogs.

Or things from my past. So, forward I go...

I just want to thank all of you, who reads this blog. By that, and feedback i get..makes me belive even more that i´m in right place with my passion. Love for writing. Words.

with love

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  1. I think when you feel the need to write that you just write whatever comes out... it is very liberating:)

    1. Launna, so true.. :)) that is! Feel so pure after!

  2. The feeling when you can share little bit something about your life and someone understands what you're talking about, not judging you, is amazing! I hope we can have more those moments- I know it hasn't been too easy to be you, citygirl becomes a countrygirl- all these oldfashioned people here- always judging... You've done good! Rock n' Roll! xx

  3. Maria, thank you! I really hope so too.. it was, and i Do Mean this! Amazing! I Was more... Me! You're great! Rock'n roll 4 ever! xX


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