maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2013

Me, gemini and woman

I know, I have talk about this soo many times. But, one more time. I´m gonna tell you how it feels to be gemini by horoscope.
Some dont belive and that´s ok, but what i have read...i recognize myself so well. Even those bad things. There, i may add...listen yourself..if you are gemini, you know what i mean.. ;)

Some days i am so calm. Really, like i have this great balance. Next moment? I cry.
I wanna rock and roll all night, but i want to be hold by man who knows me. And accepst my fire.

I might look superficial, but under that.. i think too much, sometimes. When i feel it´s real.
Someone hurts me? Not good... I remember too well. But i can forgive.

I love to talk, with different types os human. And i love to be alone in nature..not talking.
When i get some idea, wow!!! I go after that. Nothings gonna stop me.

Love to be in arms, that hold me..yep, i do need to be hold to. I wanna feel that someone´s there for me. By that, i´m 100% there for that person.
If i feel unsure..i´m always a bit on guard.

Money and me. Well....hmm...ok, honestly? I love to buy beautiful things..and travel. But i love to spend my money for that special person, too.

I´m not perfectionist. No.

Imagination, great gift!!! But..sometimes my mind goes too fast and i can start to think silly things, like he/she dont like me no more, cause he/she didnt answered my message... Yep, i´m sensitive. But strong.

You see, it´s like good/bad, ying/yang...sometimes that´s not so funny, cause it spend a lot of nervous system!
Then, if i remeber..relaxing is in order.
It´s just like trying to handle mercury... woh!!!

And if you are gemini, you know just how gemini woman can be, when someone treats you wrong ;D

;) with love

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  1. My David is a Gemini.. he's all the great things from that sign:)


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