lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013

loving winter

Lots of clothes, good, warm shoes and sunglasses..I open door and breath that fresh, cold air. Sun is shining and temperature is below -15. (F5)

I take my first step, snow creaks under´s so pure, beautifull! I start to walk, everything is white, bright. Trees are white, so is that awesome road, that i walk. I can see some traces of foxs, rabbits, deers, horses and now..mine.

I can hear, how trees are humming to sun. For me. Here, in nature i´m happy.
My cheeks are red, cuz that fresh air. When i breath, it looks like i´m steaming from my mouth :)

I cant say, how much i love nature, winter...and when summer comes, i will love that.
Now i´m just enjoying this world of snow, gonna put some wood in fireplace and stair that. That´s all i need now. Coffee, of course ;)

Here is some pics, that i took today during my jogging. Hope you enjoy ...


c.Maarit Uittamo
with love

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  1. I love the pictures of the trees with the snow all over them, very pretty:)

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Tack Anna Karin, there in Sweden, same? Winter it´s best:)

  3. Yes Maarit, the weather, snow and cold temperatures are the same here in Sweden.

    1. So i remember, i was in Åre one winter and it was just sooo beautiful :) We drove thru Sweden, starting from Stocholm. It really was so same than here..


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