maanantai 28. tammikuuta 2013

i breath

I breath...I´m alive
So anything is possible
As i breath, i live
I live, i´m able to fulfill my dreams
That was the..second thing that i thought, when i opened my eyes this morning. First was..Well, actually, felt more like it: love.
But back in that my thought. How true that is! I was breathing, and i felt that air going to my lung. In and out, so it went.
It could be, that there´s no air. Then, there´s no me. And then, i dont think that I need to dream.
But now, i´m breathing, so..i have all it takes to make my dreams come true!
As long as there is air in my lungs, it´s never too late to you want. You know? If you have something you want to do, and you think..too late, i´m too old..are you? Really?
Your breathing, you are alive..why not? To take that jump, and try to make your dreams come true. After you stop breathing, dont have to worry about things, what could be. Then you will rest.
It´s not taken for granted, breathing. It´s a gift. No way, that we can underrate that. Nobody´s here forever. Waisting this short time here..shame.
If you love your life now, enjoy! If not, do something. And by that i dontmean you have to throw away your life, how it is in this moment. No, i mean,e.g if you want to stop and look, really look trees, do so. Want to write a poem? Do it! Dance?
Travel? If you want and have a change, travel. Love? Yep, you know how i feel.
Tomorrow is not promised to us, tomorrow will show if we breath.
Here and now, we breath. Here and now are we alive....
With love

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