keskiviikko 2. tammikuuta 2013

high heels and tractor

How do those fit together??? Absolutely great, love both! Someone can call me vain, but i am just what nature has made me: woman. Who loves cars, horses and hard work outside. But also loves glitter, high heels, skirts, jewelry.. So, i can drive tractor with my high heels on, or go shopping with my boots.

And why on earth i took this subject on table? Cuz, i love people to be thenselfs, who ever they are. If you love glitter, that´s cool, if you love armystyle..that´s awesome, too!! Both? even better. This is not about fashion, this is courage to be you.

I was shopping today, and there were so much teenger. Of course, sale is on ;)

But few things got my attention.. "What will others think, if i buy this.. i love it, but no one wears this" ,"that´s just for loosers" ,"i dont look good in any clothes", "i dont like this, but i have to buy it cuz it´s fashion and i dont wanna look like idiot!"

...There were this group of young girls, looking something to buy. What was worrying..they were sad. Really, sad, cuz they didnt have a change to buy something different, what thye liked. They had to buy, what others liked. And i understand, that in these days, it´s just not easy to be young. Or older. Community pressure can be so hard! If you dont fit, you are out. So, you have to buy latest fashion. And..for some point, give up for being who you are. That behavior can continue till you are grown up, and more....

I´m happy, that when i was young, my mother gave me clothes, i put those on and out to play. Just normal skirt and jeans, that´s it. And we lived in capital, so it was more easyer to be young 30years ago. And!!!! My mother help me to build my self-esteem, so i really didnt mnd what others thought about me. Almost best thing that mother can do her daughter, help with that self-esteem.

I had a small chat with few girls, i really hope that they got something from that..Be proud of yourself and dont mind what others think. You have so much more in your life to look for. I just wish that others can do that, too... not criticize you by what you wear, but take you as you are...amazing human :)

Oh well, time to do some food... i put here´s my todays "catch" ;)

With love

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  1. So far my Valentina wears what she likes... I always tell her she is beautiful and that she never needs other people approving her. I am working hard for her to have her own self confidence, being a teenager is so hard these days.

    Nice post Maarit:)

    1. Launna, i really belive that Valentina has so much support, cuz she has a strong mother, too! I agree, it´s not easy..I just wanna go out and shout: you are beautifull, all!!!! Just enjoy your childhood!!! :)


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