lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013

happy for what i have

"Need to buy this, then i´m happy." "Need that, then i´m happy." "Need just more money, then i´m happy!"

When is that point, when your happy? I mean, when you have so much, that you can say: i´m happy now.

That road, need------then i´m happy, that doent lead anywhere but sorrow. If you are not happy what you have now and value those...nothings gonna be enought, never ever.
At his poin i have to say, that those, who dont have food etc...of course different story.

I´m happy, i have me. I can walk, talk, work, feel. And even i cant do walk, talk ..i can feel. That is most valuable thing for me. Without that..i could not write. Could not be happy. Could not dream. Could not find beauty in this world. Beauty of small things. OR Bigger things.

But.. that dosent mean, that i dont think few things, that i dont have ambition or i dont enjoy e.g new shoes..Differece between needing and spoling my self, that i can be happy without, too.

Thru that great feeling, that keeps my lifelight going on, i can go further. I can dream more boldly, i can belive in that, what was ment to be..will happend.

To see beautifu sunset or rise, that´s a gift for me. To see nature in her work, that´s agift, too. To feel precious.

Listening..and too.
When i´m srtong enought to carry myself, i´m strong to share. My heart, my thoughts, my life. Thru that i can give more and also receive.

When you are strong can be happy right here and now. And what means to be strong enought? Accepting yourself as you are.

So, by loving yourself you have a great foundation to free...and happy.

with love

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  1. Maarit... I really believe acceptance of ourselves is one of the most important roads we are in, that is what will truly make us happy:)

    1. So do I, and i learned that from the hard way.. now, happy about that :))))


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