perjantai 4. tammikuuta 2013


Yep, that´s me. I have many, many dreams in my mind.

One came true yesterday: i met my dear sis after 2years!!!! So happy about that. We are still same persons, just a bit wiser.

Do you ever have this crazy feeling about something, someone? Like you have known He/her even you have´nt ever met??  Oh well, maybe i´m just tired...

My female dog Vilma and cat Veera has heat at the same time, right now.. and my male dog Veikko...poor thing!!! He´s sooooo mixed-up with he´s hormons. Trust me, i havent slept in 3 nights. Noise is overwhelming. But now it seems that it´s going over, TG.

Those hairy babys are so important to me. Veikko, male, i saved from terminateing. One young girl did´nt know how to handle that dog and told me, that she´s gonna take Veikko to vet after 2h. I just said, please dont, bring him here. That was 5years he´happy and safe. It was a bit tough road, but worth it!!!!

About that´s safe, warm and familiar feeling. Just...i really cant say more right now, cuz i cant explain it more. Yes, still soooooo tired!!!! I try tomorrow, i hope that i can sleep next night...

Vilma          Veikko

with love


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