lauantai 8. joulukuuta 2012

thankfull for Life

I am. We all have our Story's, different ways, belives.
In human nature is one great side: growing. That includes also learning. About ourselfs!
I' m 41years, and so great to see that I'm not done yet with my life. Actually, in some point i feel like i'm just starting to live!

All things that has happend... Those are my Strenght now. I feel like a child who's waiting for Christmas :)
At one point, i felt that i'm so old. There's NO time for change. Well, i dont think that anymore. I think that it's never too late. No matter what you dream of!

Eg. I have always loved music. Always. I stopped to sing when i was in school. We had to sing in Front of our class, and i did that. l was so nervous that all of that singing..that Song.. Went So badly wrong and whole class laughed at me. I desided then that Im not gonna sing, ever again. Alone maybe, but in public..never!

Then We bought that singstar game in playstation. I tryed, Slowly and alone. Guiet.. Wow, I didnt die! Actually it was fun.. And.. It was'nt too bad to listen! My voice is.. well, good! That was a bit supprice, I have to admit. Now I'm singing at least 1h/day.

I'm gonna challenge my self for those dreams, passions every day. If I have Said that i cant do this or that, gonna try it anyway ;)

So, you too? I'ts worth it!

With love

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