lauantai 15. joulukuuta 2012

getting there

Yes! My book, first round is ready. Timeline and what has happend. There's beginning and end.
I have to say that i'm more than happy about that. Now adding more feelings details etc and after that: ready!

I tryed to write at home, but it just did 'nt work. So i went to libarary and that was simply the best, What i have done.
Funny, i can easily Write my blogs at home, but not my book.

During writing book, i Start to think homeworks. What i have to do today, what we gonna eat etc.
I just Cant focus! But blogs, easily!

I baked today sooo much, i havent bake so since i was child and With my mom! Kitchen.. Well it was so messy after me :))
But it was fun, and that smell was definetly from cristmas. Wow, it really is so near!

Me and my partner, we are gonna take it easy. He has small holiday, so we are gonna just be. Nothing big, just that sweet feeling...
I dont belive in that You can buy cristmas. For me its more that feeling in our heart.

Like life, you cant buy that.

Now its over midnight and time to sleep. I am actually in bed, just needed to write, and to tell you about that book-thing :)) Just so proud of that! I did it.  Hardest part is complite.

So, good night all

with love

p.s  i did clean up that kitchen ;D

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your first draft of your book.

    I am baking tonight... I love the smell of my kitchen after I have baked for hours.

  2. Than you Launna:)))

    I love that, too.. tonight have to bake some more. My goal is to bake for x-mas, and we did eat almous all in weekend ;DDD


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