torstai 27. joulukuuta 2012

Full moon

So it is.. I am so moon crazy! Now, it's 11.20pm and i'm suppouse to go to sleep. But in my mind, there's so much going on!

This moon makes me feel somehow nervous, exited, erotic, creative, free, warm and wild.

I have amazing ideas for business, energy to do those!'s night. And in the morning? Tired, forgot these ideas.
I write them down, it's just...those ideas feels silly in daylight!

Maybe I need to start to work at nights..

I Wanna go out, scream, park that is like magic.. Snow looks like blue, shadows are deeper..Sky is full light, moonlight.
Looking out from window i Can feel that moon watching me..trying to get me out and play.

I cant do that, i need My sleep!
So  moon, let me sleep.

good night world

with love

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