lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012

Cant stop writing

I just can´t. My mind is full of these thoughts.
Thoughs about love, life, road of life. I feel like a little girl, dressed up like a woman.
Inside of me is this fire, burning like a summer sun.
I can hear your thoughs, i can feel your touch. But i cant see you.
If i had to be there right now, here is where i am.
If you are looking for me,
I´m not so hard to find.
Secret is in life, secret is in love.
For that i might grow, for that i will fight.
These are just some thoughts,
where those came, i dont know.
This crazy fever, hope it dont burn me down.
All those thoughts, have reason
Let me cool down
And let that fire of mine
warm you down....

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  1. Sometimes when I am writing the words spill out faster than I can type... I know the feeling:)


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