maanantai 17. joulukuuta 2012

between here and there

Like i had said so many times, life is a journey. There´s a beginning, middle and end. Like in book. Sometimes that beginning is hard to understand, or some other section. That depends, when somethings start to happend in your life.

I have/had a bit hard time to understant some happenings in my life, but some i do understand, now. After so many years. So, that keeps me hoping, that i will understand all, when time is right.

So, part of me is "old soul", part of me is larning and rest is enjoying of this journey. Does that make any sence?

Between serious thought we need to have some lighter thought. Between being grown ups we need to be a bit child. Between good times we need to get serious...I thought that my job is to be serious. Grown up. Cuz i have gone thru so much, i need to be more..well,  example, if you will. I lost my inner child for a moment.
I found it during this small break and i´m glad i did :) Missed her a lot.

I´m not gonna loose her again!

I´m sitting in library, and front of me is this small kid. She writes sooo fast! Wow, i mean she is mabe 8-9 years, and i feel soo slow :DD well, i learned to write with computer so late, and i dont have proper 10fingers system, maybe i need to practise ;)

Ok, tme to go home, lot of snow here and that means lot of snowwork!! It´s good exercise! And my dogs just love snow, so bring it on!!!!

With love

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