keskiviikko 19. joulukuuta 2012

Active me...:)

I should be cleaning at kitchen now.. yep. But i need to write first, and of course have a Cup of coffee. Then i need to sit in massage chair.. oh yeah, and eat! that's so important! then another coffee, of course. Then i just have to read few blogs. Those might just disepear, if i dont do that now. Right?
Oh yeah, dogs need to go out. Wow, nice view, how about few photos..
It Was cold, need to drink more Coffee. So beautiful cristmas song from radio, Cant make noise, i just listen.. When i was in facebook.. Let me see.. Omg, So many hours ago! Need to look guigly.. Kitchen? yes, just one coffee First, i need to write my blog with phone..Really, now.
Kitchen, here i come! Oh, wait., my phone is ringing.. it could be important!

Hey ho, here i go.. it's night? How did that happend..Oh Well, tomorrow then. .. ;)

with love

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  1. This happens to me often... especially lately. Once I am better I will be back to writing daily:)


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