lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

you can!!

Really, you can. No matter what. And with that you have now, dont need expensive equipment.
Just do it from your heart! What, you may ask? Well, anything!

I have followed few people, somehow connectid in my life.
Before it was pure passion, fun. Then it came technical, concerning the instrumental and stressful.

All about technique, without heart. Dont get me wrong, learning is good, development too!!!! Always. But...when it is more like stress, and have to look approval from forgot your heart, love about that thing. And that shows...

Eg. photography. It starts from passion, your own thing. How YOU see world behind that camera. That´s the most important thing. That is called personality. That´s the most important thing, no matter what you do. That is your fingerprint. That goes in writing, painting...everything. That´s how you stand out from mass.

If you have just eg. small camera in your phone, use it. And take your heart with you, let it show in pics. Or if you have paper and old pen, write with your heart.

You know, what i mean?? Everything you do, do it from your heart, and nobody cant say to you: that´s not right. Technique is ALL wrong. Trust your heart and just go with it!!!! Dont do it becouse you try to impress it for love of your thing....


c. Maarit

My passion ans love: water and winter :)))
with love

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  1. I always write from my heart, I write for myself... I am glad you enjoy writing and taking pictures... just have fun and do it with passion:)


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