torstai 29. marraskuuta 2012


Love it, winter! :)))) It's windy, snow is Coming it's cold.. awesome! And I do mean that.
I Was taking a walk with dogs, So much clothes on! And it was fun! I dont know why i love winter so much. Snow makes everything look so pure, air is fresh and holiday-feeling is coming.
Last winter was such a boring at first, but after x-mas snow came.
Well, time for Cappucino and fireplace. Let it snow, i say! :)))

with love

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  1. I love the winter when the first snow falls where you can walk through it and gentle snowflakes fall. I love being inside watching everything become white. It's my little Valentina's favorite time of the year, I always wake her up if the snow starts when she is sleeping as she gets so much joy from seeing it :)


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