tiistai 6. marraskuuta 2012

why i love blogging

Yep, i do love blogging. I love writing.

Best things in blogging is globality, it is groundbreaking, there are no borders. You can share your thought, ideas for as long as imagination goes!! And read others. That, is in my opinion, richness.

To meet here people in so many cultures, open up your mind and see greatness in this world. And share.

I have alwas loves difference between cultures. One can learn so much from other and the other way round. I love to read thoughs from you :)

And of course, writing itself. That´s my passion!

This is like diary, book and so much more. Here i can share my thought, and maybe somebody likes to read.

Writing a book is so different, this is more like balancing that work.

This is for all of you!

And that´s why i love blogging :)


with love

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  1. I love blogging too... getting to know so many people around the world and being able to say whatever I need to say:)

    1. Launna, that is so true. And i met you here, thanks for that!!! :)))

  2. Hello! Glad you liked my blog, and I see your blog is very nice too! I saw some good photos and I read and understand that you love writing... so do I :) Keep it up and looking forward of reading more of you! Bästa hälsningar Anna Karin

    1. Hi Anna :) And so nice to "see" you here!! Happy that you like! And yes, i love writing :) I do like your log a lot, so see you there also :)
      Vänliga hälsningar, Maarit


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