tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012

spread your wings

Spread your wings and fly. Take that wind under your wings and enjoy the ride.

This is simply the best in life. Just let go and fly. What am i talking about? Well, imagination!!! ;) That´s free ride, and offeres to you all those places that you have saw in tv or magazines... Cost 0€.

I love to spend some time in dreamland, it gives me power, chance relax and ideas for my work. Also, if there´s some issuses that bother me, i can sort of like talk in my head that thing over with me. You know what i mean?

Sometimes dreams come true, sometimes not. But if you dont try, you will never know.

I have had this project, i have clean up my life. Focusing those important things in my life, and have admit... I needed to change my attitude about some things.
Some parts has been easy, some...not. But necessary. And by this i have gone forward with my work, and with my privatlife. Somehow i have this awesome busy, not too much but enought. Just so that keeps me going.

Things, i have just dreamed..are coming true. Things i feel, i feel stronger. Things i do, I do with more passion.

After some hard times, this is simply the best time of my life, here and now. And i have this feeling, that there´s more to come!

My "secret"? Attitude, dreaming and being honest to myself...and of course, hard work with my mind ;)


With love

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  1. I always keep dreaming... keep believing that eventually everything will work out the way it is meant to:)

    1. true, i belive that, too! Lets dream.. and who knows, what Will happend!


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