perjantai 2. marraskuuta 2012

rainy day

It is, outside. But that´s ok:) I´m listening radio Groove, writing and enjoying. No worries. I think that rain is more romantic that bad thing.
I hear raindrops i my roof, like sweet rhythm..From window i see those raindrops coming down like small kids, playing..And when i go out, i can feel those drops in my face, so pure.

I have been pretty busy this week, and somehow it´s good. But yesterday i noticed, that my nerves were too overload.
But hey, i have learned! I took deep breath, closed my eyes and soothed my mind.  I focused on "Here and now" thought. My breathing, my mind, my body..all calm. Then i opend my eyes and i was feeling good again, relaxt.

So, i really listened my body, i have done that with food now, too. Not just eat becouse i have to, but i listen what my body needs at that moment. I think that in everything, you shoud listen your inner voice. Your body knows definetly best.

I took one test, -highly sensititve person-, HSP test. It was interesting! I have wondered few things about me, whyi feel so and why i need so much my own place, guiet time. But, like i said, was interesting. Not so surprised, that i was HSP ;))) You find that test by google and HSP, if you are interestind.

Tonight i have dance, again! So happy about that, 1h pure passion on the floor..

And one thing, that´s not new.. but inner beauty is definetly the most beautiful.
One beautiful man/woman outside.. but inside bad as devil. It affects outside, too. You can see it, really.

Why I mentioned this is that i know few people, who sure looks so pretty and handsome. They have all material things...but not happyness. That´s sad, i think. I really wish that they will, some day, realize that by being good inside is gonna make them happy..not that material...


With love

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  1. Definately agree with you about inner beauty and happiness. My best happy moments come from friends and family and being in nature and don't cost anything. Today i will go to the beach with my grandson.

    1. in my book, that´s all that counts. Line "best things are free" is so true! You have it good, enjouing for those moments :) Have fun in beach, i will take my 2 dogs to forest, do some running :)

  2. I love to dance in the rain Maarit... It feels so freeing:)

    1. Launna, me too :)) Sometimes i feel just so free in rain, grazy? Oh well, i love it ;)))


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