tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2012

Opening little

Do you know that feeling, when you tell something important to Someone and she/he says just "Oh, that's nothing! I had that in year something!" Or "I Knew someone from past, who just did this or that and it was ok" "How do You know, that it runs for family?"

I think that i have to explain a bit. I heard in this week that my cholestcrol is high. Way too high. And I told it to one Of my relative. And heard all that. And Yep, for someone its nothing, but both my grandMon and dad died in massive heart attact. And I Know, that doc has Said to my dad that it is in family. Actually, i know, when and why he Said that, cuz i was with my dad at the time.
And I know What my doc told me.

And I know, that nobody has to listen me when im Sad. There's No duty in there.

But... underestimate my feelings? I have right to feel like this. That i dont like. Or treating like a child. I May be sensitive, not stupid.

Still, and of course i love that relative of mine, but somethings are just things that are not good to tell.

But this is going Further: there are those people everywhere, who always knows best. Even they dont. Best thing is just let go those talks.
I Will :)

I Know, not such a positive post today. But this is part Of our life. Good, bad and something between...

with love

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  1. Hi Maarit... I have high cholesterol myself and I am taking pills for it. It is worrisome as my dad had to have a quadruple bypass at a very early age, late 50's.

    I am trying to eat healthier, also getting some exercise and getting rest...

    I want to be different than my father...

    I hope you are doing well Maarit :)

  2. Hi Launna :))

    And you too? Oh, you dad was young too. I belive that it is something to take seriously, and specially, if someone in your family has gone in so early age.. my dad too. I´m gonna fight by eating healtier, too. I did´mt take the pills, not now. In my mind that is going that same path that took my dad, silly, iknow.

    Hope you are too, doing wee my friend :))


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