torstai 15. marraskuuta 2012

not so simple

I know, you have seen those adds, where people are with big smile in their face. And those adds, where woman wakes up, hair is perfect and again, big smile even they have open their eyes. And i dont say, that there are not those people in this world. Somewhere, i

But, like me..not going like in book all the time. First of all, i was in hairdresser yesterday. She was amazing! Yes, she knew how to handle me and my hair. I was soooo happy, when i drove at home.

When i woke up... OMG! I looked like i had escaped from 1600century!!!! And not as a woman...Really! From behind, shorter. Front longer. Sounds good? But that difference between...way too big!!! So, i had two long ribbon front and duster behind. Woh!
So, i took my scissors and made it better. After 2 hours crying and my hands in cramp im happy.
I look like rockstar, but hay, that´s my way ;)

Was´nt smile at the first thing..and usually i go like garfield before my first coffee, anyway.

Then cleaning. It´s great to see result, i know. But in adds everyone is sooo happy and cleaning looks so..easy!
I when i take my hoover, all i get is two big dogs to bark it. Trust me, their voice is not guiet. And cat. She have to come with us, too! She just loves that hoover. So, i try to clean with my zoo with me. That, my friends, is so far from those adds that can be!! I´m swetty, tired and pissed off.

So, if you dont feel your best during mornings or cleaning (or what ever you are doing) dont worry, you are not alone.
I do know one, who succeed to look awesome, no matter what she does..and when i was young, i was sooo jelous for that. Now?? I´m happy when i dont look at the mirrow at the first thing when i wake..or clean.

(text in that hat: bad hair day) ;)
with love

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  1. I love when my house is clean but I don't like the effort it takes to get there... I do it anyway but you are right, there is no glamor in cleaning.

    Also, I had a hair cut one time that they left one side 2 inches longer than the other side, I had to have it chopped off really short, good thing is that hair grows...

    Have a great day Maarit:)

    1. :)) same here.. after, it´s great..starting, oh well..sometimes hard!
      I agree, TG hair grows, i was so down, cuz that hairdresser did´nt take his job like pro, but soon i will have my hair back ;)))

      You havea great day too :))))


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