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Little bit x-mas feelings and cosmetic hell ;)

Ok and yeah!!!! I have small, warm feeling when i see x-maslights or hear songs about x-mas.I wanna bake. I want to decorate. I want to put light all over this house!!!!! I wanna smell cinnamon, vanilla... candles everywhere....

Why i´m so happy about this feeling is, that last few years i havent felt so happy. First, my situation was bit difficult here, and then my dad passed away. After that was huge rumba with inheritance and things were so messed up.

And yes, i have been a bit lost in last years. But now!!!! I have found myself again, my life is good, i have connectid again with my sis, my man is awesome...I can write for my, there´s absolutely no way, that i can complain about anything!

Oh, of couse we all complain about something, but in this big picture...all is good.

First time in years i have peace in my heart. As i have told, also things in my childhood affected, and now i´m strong enough to deal those. And you know what? That feels good, even thought thouse are heavy stuff, but i´m setting me from those ghosts.

We put x-mas lights in front terrace, yipii!!!!

I think that i´m gonna put few..just "few" and there ;))

Then. cosmetics and creams. OMG! I like to take care of my skin. Of course for me but it´s kind of my business card, too. I have fell in love in Clinique, and i use Lumene with it.
Im out of night cream and few other products. I thought that i look from internet prices and what product they have. Lumene i know well, but not so much about Clinique. Do you know, how many pbotles there are??? I mean... woh!!!

I spend 2h in net just to look products i need, for my skin and age...and prices. One Lancome too, so that´s anouther thing, cuz i knew what i want from there.

When i did make- ups in pro, i thought that i was good. And i know something about bottles etc. way! Huge respect for all, who are working in plases which sells cosmetics. Really. You have to remeber 1000 or 100000 (at least) names, what they do, what´s inside...what kind of skin...

And still, smile and be happy and kind. :) This sokos emotion here in Finland, in Forssa..Great place!!! Staff is so pro, and they really care, and want to help you. Love that place! And even my husband asked once, that where´s all motoroils, they wanna serve me :DDD He really did that. Oh well, that´s us ;)

Yes, i love cosmetics...:) and celebrate to be a woman.

With love

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