maanantai 26. marraskuuta 2012

Letter for me

Hi dear,

Sorry that it took so long for me to write. I Know, that you have been lonely, i know you have been lost, i know that You have been hurt.
Those feelings, What you have felt during your life. Shame, feeling like second best, not worth all good... Now I understand you better!
It's OK to cry. Cry becouse that man hurted you when you were only child. that Was'nt your fall. NO! He was bad. He did wrong. Ofcourse you are mad, for that idiot, Who hurt you when you were teenager. Of course you feel Sad for losing your child, even you didnt  you were waiting, You were so young, did'nt Know  better.

you have carried these all.. alone. Never felted like normal. Always a bit dirty. You let One man lie to you, Cuz you wanted to belive.

But my love, now it's time to let go that feeling that there's something wrong with you! there is'nt!

You have every right to be what ever you are, without shame. No need to run anymore. No need to punish youself.

I know, forgiving is hard, but that Will set you free.. someday.

If you feel like crying, cry. that dosent mean that you are depressEd. That means that you are healing.

So you see, you have already won!

This letter i write for you, From Botton of my heart, with love and respect.
I Know, you Will be Whole, I Know you Will.
Saying I love you is great start.

so, with love

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  1. Aivan ihana kirje ja tositosi koskettava! Melkeen tuli tippa silmään... <3 (tiiän, että mun kommentti kuulostaa tyhmältä ja tekohauskalta, mut en osannu tällä kertaa ilmaista itseäni paremmin!)

    1. Susanna, kiitos! Ja tiedän että kommenttisi tulee suoraan sydämmestäsi :)) ihanasti ilmaistu! ♥


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