torstai 18. lokakuuta 2012

trusting your instinct

Yes, indeed. It is the wisest thing to do! I belive, that without that, i could be in some deep mess, right now.
There are things, that makes you wonder.. What if?

What if.. i just had ignored my feelings..well, some time ago? I could, and probably would be, in trouble right down to my neck.
But it also works in good! Some fine sense in telling me where to go and when.  Grazy?? Yep ;), but think about that.

Animals have so good instincts, and they listen it. We humans, are also animals,but just have suffocate that part of us.

When we had to hunt our food, or fight for our lifes... we trusted in that small voice in our head, or more like feeling in our heart... where to go, what to do...

Now, mostly we wait. Or dont listen. We we settle for this moment. And that´s ok, if that´s best for you.

But...if you ever have that feeling, that you are not happy, not living that life, that you you are sort of prisoner in your life.. could it be, that your inner voice is trying to tell you something???

Not like that (always) you have to change your whole life.. but something smaller..something more in your life?? Like spice, small hint of chili...?? ;)

There could be some talent, that you never thought that you have.. New passion, new point of view?
You dont know, before you try... And if you dont try, you cant say, that you cant do this or that!


With love

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  1. We really need to listen to our instinct, when I think back about the red flags that popped up with Andrey that I ignored... wow. I let things slide that I would never let slide today, ever!

  2. True Launna...but now..we know better..


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