tiistai 2. lokakuuta 2012

today´s feelings, talking with myself

Why do i feel the way i do.. I feel kind of sad, tired. I just wanna hide and sleep. Am I disaponnted in me somehow? Could be.
Couse i like to belive that no one else has that kind of power over me..
To make me feel like this, it´s my privilege.
Otherwise i have give too much power for someone else, to rule me...no no. Yes, love, being together e.g is another thing than own someone.

So, because I´m doing this to myself, why?

My mind is trying to tell me something, has tryed 2 days now. I have always escape from that feeling, now i´m not. So, what is my problem? My reason for this?

Let´s see... i feel like i have let me down somehow. I have tools to do few things, but i dont do nothing about it.
Guestion to me: what do you want? Where do you see yourself? Answer: i dont know..well, i see, in my dreams, in catwalk or in pictures...in good shape.

So, what´s the problem? Out and run, do something!

Yes, i know...but...do i have still, what it takes?? What if i´m not good enough?
SO, that´s a excuse not to try? To do nothing? Just moan? Not good enough reason...

See, now I know, what i´m afraid...really. I´m afraid that i´m not good enough, so i give up before i even have tryed....again, no no no Maarit.

You are good enough now, but you can be that, what you picture in your head. No one can belive in you, if you cant...
I cant be so afraid that it is stopping me to act. I have to turn it around.. work hard, and you can do anything you want.

Why not????? It cant be like that, it´s only others priviledge. And you know what??? It´s everybodys priviledge, to go after theyr dreams and make those happend....

Moaning is not helping now, just take the first step and you are in your way....

Yep, that was me talking with me..and with you. ;D so we all did have conversation. Awesome!

Have a great day all

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