keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

sharing good feeling

Yes, first i having a plan to continue that text, what i started last night. (i´m gonna write later, tho) But...I just finished phonecall with one old friend.

She´s just so great woman, gone thru so much. When she was young, i took care of her and her brother. Yes, she´s a daughter of my great friend.

Today, she said that i have been very important to her, and good ;) I dont tell more, but point was, that i have had this great change to do something important and good to and just be there. And still am. That feels so good, warm in my heart!

Cuz when you are there for someone, you dont think that so, you just are in that situation. Hearing after, that you really did something to help... I´m happy :)

So, today..i just gonna be happy.
Dont need money for that, dont need to travel, no need to do anything special... just be. Enjoy this moment. This life. This home. This family. This ife of mine. That´s all i need.

Oh, i wish i could send to you this feeling, in your heart. Maybe you have your own good feeling? I surely hope so. If not, take here, i wanna give this feeling for all.

Every morning is new, every step is new, every  moment is new... Even every rain is new, everytime...

Woh, now i´m gonna just cook something, take cup of coffee and listen. Nothing else. And you know what? That´s enouhgt for me today.

This is something that no money in world cant buy..... This is me and my life ;)
And you are wellcome in my life.

Have a great day all
with love

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  1. Hi Maarit, I have been so busy that I haven't been able to read my friends blogs, so I am catching up over the next couple of days. I am glad to hear you are feeling so good;)

    1. Hi there, Launna :)sometimes busy is good! ;)


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