tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012


Today, after long talk with my friend
I Started to realize.. How I miss you in my life
We had our moment
I did 'nt take it

Actually.. we have history
long enough lifetime
I have Known you since i was a child
you Were my first friend

Still remember everything
that one Kiss
After We promised that never again
cuz friends.. Dont wanna loose that

Time went by
Something in your eyes
And my heart was yours, still is.

Why I run away, why i Acted the way i did..
You Know more about me than most of my Friends
One thing you dont.

After what happend when i was a child
just 6..
I did 'nt belive that i was Worth you
your attention, you're Kiss

I Felt dirty, still do..partly.
But i'm getting over that
I'm gonna be worth all that life offers

just So shame, so shame...
That I cant.. really Cant.. not now..
to tell you
What you mean to me
What i really dreamed 25years ago

That was your question
after long talk
after one many special moments.

I'm so close to take my phone
Wanna hear your voice
wanna tell you...

My dream is you.

with love

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