sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2012

Loving the life i´m living there really such thing? Perfect life? I dont want my life to be perfect... Then..only way after that is down. And, life suppouse to be full of changes, variations of different feelings..Yes, those bad ones too.

Life is really like roller coaster, and i´m in that uphill now..
I challenged my self in last friday. I havent dance...oh well, in 10 years, in real dance studio, with teacher..I started to think, that now i´m too old for that.

I made a call, thinking, that i can cancel that...then, friday came.. I was sooo nervous! OMG, what on earth i am doing??? And i just drove..I was few minutes late, cuz i didnt know where that place was..

Then i arrived in studio..atmosphere.. oh wow.. full of sweat, pain, joy, music, dancin shoes, leg warmers... How i had missed all that!!!!

So we started. It just took me away!!! I didnt even thought about time..yes, i felt some pain ;) my legs were sooooo tired, like mu whole body... but: I was so happy! I did it, not too old and my passion just woke again!!!!

I really love dancing.. really love this life of mine.. so, shall we? Let´s dance!!! Thru this life, in good or bad. Nobody cant stop us ;) Let´s fly!!!

You can dance in you mind too... see you in there :) Free your mind and release your dreams.
With love

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