tiistai 23. lokakuuta 2012

Living in cycles

Have you ever noticed, that life goes on in sort of.. periods?
Like they say, that in relationships goes in 7years periods. After 7years usually Comes Something and  if you survive about that, then its gonna be good.

Well, usually i havent belive this things, but! We have been together over 7years now, and when it come, that 7th year... We had our issues. And we did survive. And we are Stronger than ever.

But i noticed that in my life, that goes Other things too!

I have build my life, and when i think.. it was 7years ago, when i took Big steps with myself and Made things happend.

Now, in professional, everything is just going forward, like magic!

So, is everything here like cycles? EveryOne has some Own number of years, when  something changes in life?

this sounds funny and I'm way too tired to write more now, but when i wake tomorrow i Will write more..
Yep, i'm writing in my phone.. in bed..dark :D

so i think that sleeping is better idea now..

So good night world!

with love

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