keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2012

Journey thru me

Cuz human is mental, physical and spiritual creature
This journey is gonna be long..
I know, i have concentrated more physical side
I know, this journey is not all the way easy
I know... i have to do it.
I can feel my mind demands it
My body needs it
my soul desires it
Gonna take a good look inside of me. There´s so much, that i have hide. So much good, bad, everything...
I´m taking myself, hand to hand, and head for long walk in rain.
Give a change for my mind to talk, heal.
Maybe make a song? Or two..
I wish, i could tell you now, what i´m gonna feel..But I really dont know. I feel this huge volgano, wanna just explode.....
Few days now i have been in so weird mood. Like i have soul, at least 1000 years old, body, that i dont know, mind... that i have been ignored...
One thing i know, this is taking me forward. Cuz that´s the only way in life, clock goes matter we do, or want. And we go with it... So, it´s time to make a friend with my time. And me. All of me.
I will tell you later, what i have learned.. hope i can give you something, too.
It´s never too late to look at your life...and learn. And never too old for chase those dreams of yours!
 Wise man:))))
With love

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