torstai 4. lokakuuta 2012

great day

And evening.. fire in Fireplace, good food, relaxing after Tampere. Oh yeah, it was great!
After i got my pictures i Just drove around and enjoyed.
Belive me, i did'nt took any pictures. Usually I take pictures about everything. Sometimes it's almost stressful, couse i see beauty in everywhere. So, I desided that i' m gonna just relax and enjoy my trip.
I was in the move at the right time, rain did'nt come during my time in Tampere.

I went to have some coffee in this awesome place. It's about haltWay between my home and Tampere. There is motel, and diningplace. they have used dark Wood, gallows. It probes that place feeling go cosy and warm. Whenever i go to Tampere, I have coffee there.

When i had about 30min driving Still at home it started to rain. It was actually great! I did'nt mind. Warm car, Seeing all the beauty of fall thru window.. awesome!

Now i'm in Sofa, wearing cosy

homeclothes, listening woods making their noise in fireplace.. great day indeed :)) hope you have/had too <3 Maarit Ps . if this looks kind of funny.. it's m's phone ;) so dont mind about that

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  1. I love the fall, it brings such beauty and change.... except it reminds me of how my David and I got together last fall and now we are not... I am tying to find the beauty again!


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